On June 30 from 13:30 – 15:00, U-CERT, X-tendo and QualDeEPC are collaboratively presenting the challenges and solutions of current processes behind building energy performance certificate (EPC) schemes. The Joint Webinar is hosted by BUILD UP, the European Portal For Energy Efficiency In Buildings. Funded under the same Horizon2020 topic, next-generation of Energy Performance Assessment and Certification, the three projects will come together in this webinar to present the issues related to current EPC schemes in Europe and the potential solutions each project works on.

After a short introduction in the webinar, each project will present its scope and background in a format comparable to an elevator pitch. Then the projects will collaboratively summarize common challenges found thus far, before elaborating each on expected results and solutions.

The overarching aim of this joint webinar is to showcase, that EPCs are not just an informative tool, but rather help building trust and triggering investment in energy saving measures. Moreover, EPCs can help monitor the impact of policies and financial support schemes.

All three projects, U-CERT, X-tendo and QualDeEPC demonstrate the challenge for next-generation EPCs, that is to become a catalyst for the renovation wave and to provide a more reliable, standardised service across Europe.

The list of participants is growing by the hour. Seize the opportunity of participating in this exiting webinar, witnessing the progressive environment between three collaborating H2020 projects.

Register here and expand your knowledge and perception of energy performance assessment and certification!